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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 11 May 2015
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Tomorrow I travel again to Hong Kong as we move into the tenth year of our work in the region. It is a strange time to leave this country. This was Fridays poem.

Well. The day goes on, the cars keep driving past my door and the cats are eating their food.
I am changed.
Another phase of my life has finished and another begins as the context within which I work and live is different.
This is hard.
It is always hard.
But then, I have it easy - I have a job, money, friends and family and I also have belief in things that are greater than my own personal stuff.
I have values.
Yet I am changed again
I don't know at this moment what that means 
Time will slowly tell

Over the next week in that extraordinary and vibrant city of people from all over the world, I am performing, planning, training and meeting.
Performing with friends for the opening of the Umbrella Festival on the 17th (
Planning 2 large songwriting projects with people in various districts of the city with colleagues from CCCD (
Training songmakers for the projects and running an evening called Community Music in Action at APA (
Then meetings with collaborators from Shenzen and Macau looking at followups to last years work, with the organisers of the massive Clockenflap Festival ( talking about shows and workshops in November, with Selena and Samson (both coming for placements at More Music over the summer) and with my great friend Chi Chung at HKU (

Escape? No. But a little distance to think about how to gather the energy that has been rocketing around our networks since the terrible election result. Keeping spirits up and thinking about a positive future. Isn't that what we do.
I am thankful that I work in a sector and with people who want to make a difference. And that difference is about equality and truth and friendship.

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