Rites of  Passage

Deep Water

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 19 May 2015
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Walkways drift across and around faded yellow green painted blocks
On this tree lined old estate in Sham Shiu Po 
We find the centre for elders where the inclusive dance class will take place 
Then retreat in the warm drizzle to a yum cha restaurant for lunch
Steamed lettuce, dumplings, fried roll, tea, sweet sesame ball.
We watch the staff clear the red carpet for the regular afternoon tea dance
Bolero, rhumba, sequence dancing for the well dressed couples who wait patiently. 

Meeting today with the researcher who will work on the next project mapping the music, festivals and personal celebrations in Shamshiupo - the district where CCCD are based and where we have worked consistently together for 8 years. there are approx 400,000 people there from many different ethnicities and the name means - Deep Water Land. Then to HK island for afternoon tea with Yin to talk about music and life.  Back to the flat for resting, writing and planning and evening curry at Woodlands with Frank and friends.
Every conversation turns to the politics of the current situation - so many viewpoints.

A masters graduate from APA (Academy of Performing Arts) who studied Opera and then by chance became fascinated by the traditional music of the 'floating people' who live on  boats in the New Territories. When the opportunity came for someone to research into the music of the diverse communities in Shamshiupo she was recommended and is now starting on a yearlong project to find and record the music and to talk with people about the personal and public 'rites of passage' of their communities. I am an advisor on the project which was inspired by a project we ran in Morecambe in 1997 - 'First and Last'.

A great player, composer, arranger and ideas man. He has just returned from Shanghai where his a cappella group - Yat Po Singers - were performing at a festival. His work here moves from making new pieces for the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (where he seems to be the resident composer), to running a management agency (Flower Music), to taking his band on tour (Siu2 - a brilliant crossover band - and and and . Known him now for 10 years - he is such fun with such a lovely smile and laugh.