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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 18 May 2015
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My office this morning is Pacific Coffee in Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong
From the cool interior through massive plate glass are the tree covered hills
Inside this pricey shopping palace of white, grey and black 
Are all the brands
In shiny anodyne units that could be anywhere, anywhere.
The contrast to my local streets in Jordan
Texture, smell and character is extreme. 

A gentle day of meetings with partners from Shenzhen and Macau followed by a 3 hour evening training session for the new cohort of songmakers for Hong Kong Tales 2015.

A brilliant conversation to start the day with this socio-cultural activist from new Jersey who has lived in Shenzhen for over 20 years. Please read her blog here : We talk UK and US politics, musing on the current state of the UK and the upcoming presidential campaign in the US. We move on to talk about Selma, the prosperous liberal 60's, constant state of US wars and then Chinese and HK politics. She articulates how 'racist' is the attitude of local hongkongers to mainlanders and how when she travels here with her mainland chinese theatre director husband, Yan Chen, the attitude of people is quite disturbing. In her view the Umbrella Movement has not helped this as the worry of locals about the potential CCP intrusion affects their attitude to the people - (this is a synopsis of a long conversation). Finally we get round to talking about the next project in Dalang - the community where I worked last year. We come up with a plan!

Storyteller dressed so dapper after a seniors session in Fanling in the New Territories. With his company, Windbox Theatre, we worked together last year to try and initiate new community music activity in Macau. It was hard work and today we talked at length about the next strategic steps to gather energy and ideas. I would love to hear his stories, with such a twinkle in the eye and such an engaging manner they must be a treat.

One of the HK Tales song makers, a great guitarist, bass player, percussionist and instinctive musician, he was also part of the 24 Hours in a Revolution project. Such fun to play with, his English however (he tells me to say this) is very poor!

What do I say about one of my best friends ever, a performer, musician, animator, producer, activist and thinker. Cook and fun guy too! He is at the moment working on a show in France that tells the story of the Chinese labourers who were taken to the First World War in France to dig trenches. It tours France and then here before going to the mainland, sponsored by the French Government. Eric has worked with us here (where he is a key member of our partner organisation CCCD), came on a year long placement in the UK where he lived with us and worked so hard on shows for More Music. This is a portrait he sent from France - drawn in chilli sauce!