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Almost a Revolution

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 16 May 2015
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Warm rain seen through a red taxi window
Umbrellas instantly out where ever I look
Leopardskin patterns, transparent, purple, pink, blue and white, yellow
Bright red flowers decorate the tops of the trees in the park
Travelling to the afternoon showing of 
Almost a Revolution - a 3 hour documentary on last years protest.
That was the time of yellow umbrellas
Opened for a different purpose 

Started the day with a swim in the big local open air pool before a meeting with music teacher Selena about her upcoming June placement at More Music. I then had a great gig  playing a protest songs pre show at the premiere of 'Almost a Revolution'. Playing and singing 'We shall Overcome' and 'Imagine' and 'The Red Flag' to a sell out crowd at the theatre of the School of Creativity - the venue where 6 years ago we performed The Long Walk. The film show was a benefit for CCCD and drew a great crowd. Left film early to run a street style workshop in a local community with musician called Paper, then home for a nap, out for meal with Ian and Joanna and finally a late night private 'Flower Party' in Sheung Wan listening to funk jazz. 

Todays people.

A music teacher from an international primary school in HK who after 17 years is looking for a change of direction and has been sponsored by the HK Arts Development Council to do a Clore Fellowship. As part of this she will come on a placement in Morecambe and then for her extended research project may well come back up in the autumn. She will be looking at the collaboration/exchange between teachers working in schools and their communities and the community musicians who work in them - very different in the UK to here. We talk about this and how there may be more difference between what happens in big cities, small towns and rural contexts than between international contexts.

Guitarist, stage manager and community musician in training. He worked on the last HK Tales project but since then has had little music work and has toured a show in and out of schools. He is a good communicator and is very keen to develop this side of his work but, as we find in the UK, there is not enough work to sustain a full time living.

Key organiser and financial centre for CCCD, Elisa is another full time volunteer and as well as working here spends time in Macau supporting a business there with whom she travels a great deal.  She has been a key part of the organisation for years and before that worked with Mok on various other projects including the Disablity Arts Forum. A generous and warm woman who loves to give gifts, she visited us in Morecambe 6 years ago I think !

CCCD has a small team of dedicated very hard working admin staff who seem to work for a year or two gaining experience in this organisation before moving on to work in other parts of the cultural sector. Amber is the most recent recruit to this role, Nancy who supported my work last year is now going back to Beijing to be with her parents. As the only child she feels a duty to return.

Saxophonist, songwriter and educationalist she is here in Hong Kong visiting her partner Ian. We have played in bands together in Lancaster (Guns of Navarone and DC Dansette) and work on education projects together. She writes and conceives projects for Charanga, the leading digital education supplier in the UK, and even though ostensibly on holiday is spending time writing and has also visited an international school here that has taken a contract for the Charanga programme. 

Partner of the first HK musician I ever met in 2005 in Gateshead where I was MD for a week long collaboration between Chinese and UK musicians. He is called Yin Ng. She visited us 2 years ago travelling with him when he came for a residency at More Music. We cooked and ate great food together at my home in Morecambe. She has helped us order lovely printed flags for our carnival band which we had printed here in Hong Kong. Tonight she hosts the Jazz Party at their studio in Central while Yin is away in Shanghai with his A cappella group, the Yat Po Singers.