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last day in Maraba

Posted in: by Kathryn Macdonald on 6 May 2013
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Early waking, the street cleaners seem to work every day at dawn so Pete and I get up and go for a stroll. The skies are wonderful; all colours of grey and streaked with pink and orange as the sun rises and burns the night away. The river- bank opposite is a silhouette and looks as though it has been cut from paper. There are already people fishing and some others who haven't been to bed yet. It feels like an early morning at a festival.
Breakfast is followed by packing, and cleaning the room and a meeting with Evany to discuss plans for her visit. She is very excited and equally nervous and wants to come to England for 3 days at the most. She definitely doesn't want her mum to come with her 'she is the most evil girl in the world' and 'I will lock her in a cupboard so she can't come'!
She is worried about flying and whether she will be cold and if so would we be able to lend her some clothes. We explain as best  we can how we think it will be and how we will all work as hard as we an to make sure that she is happy and has a wonderful adventure.

The young people prepare a magnificent lunch and we share a final meal with them. We show the film of the More Music young leaders singing the Maraba song , they love it and spend a very riotous half hour recording a response. We share the last of our sweets, Haribo coke bottles, and say our goodbyes. It's very moving, and they are very affectionate and seem sad that we are leaving, then they skip down the street and get on with their lives.


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