Why Music? 

Why Music? from Loz Kaye

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Why Music ? 

From Loz Kaye 


Asking the big questions seems like a good place to start. I am completely thrilled to be joining the More Music team as the next Artistic Director. Not least because it is a chance to ask questions like why do so many people love music so, what place does it have in our communities and what is it for? It is a pretty commonplace observation that music is all around us like never before. Most of us have tiny devices that chime, hum and connect us to everything from Beyonce to Balinese Gamelan.  

I suppose I have spent the best part of a quarter of a century looking for the answer to these sorts of questions. That search has taken some interesting routes. Down country lanes playing my trumpet in street bands with a horse drawn cart to draw people to shows in community halls. Helping young unemployed Danish rappers thrive in music education. Performing in pubs and cathedrals alike.  

I guess the closest I have got to an answer is that music gives a voice in a way that binds people together. I think that is why I have spent so much time working with community choirs - the voice is literal, but also the stories music can tell when nothing else will do.  

It is that kind of work that More Music is so well known for doing, and why I am so pleased to be carrying on my journey here. More Music has spent much time asking and exploring questions in research work, and in a practical way through education and projects that capture the imagination. Pete Moser is a massive inspiration, he has been to me, and I look forward to taking that legacy on together with the team. 

And it is that shared experience that is what I think is at the heart of the answer to why music? Music can be an extraordinary huge public experience, arena concerts, playing in an orchestra. It can be the most wonderfully private of experiences, just you and a pair of headphones. But it connects to other worlds, other people. Music explores who we are and where we come from in a way that does not descend in to Question Time shoutiness. 

Music marks the changing of the year, commemorates shared sorrow and amplifies shared joy.  I think we could stand to have more of that. 

More music indeed. 

- Loz Kaye