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Packing to go

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 23 April 2013
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Each day for the last 10 days we have gathered a few more items in our house ready to travel. It is a fascinating time as we start to imagine the next 2 weeks of adventures. The emails from Dan in Maraba now happen every day, the skype message conversations as well (the internet connection is not so good) tease out details and bring us the context of the political situation. The flights finalised, 9 journeys that take us Manchester - Heathrow - Sao Paolo - Belem - Maraba - Belo Horizonte - Salvador - Heathrow - Manchester. We have trumpet, trombone and alto sax (all donated over the last few years) - flash cards, sunglasses (as gifts!), chutney, dance dvd's and wine gums. All packed in a case donated by a charity shop in Morecambe (thanks Theresa).


Today I also spent 45 minutes with Rachel, Ben, Rick, Anni and Graham sharing and learning body percussion clapping beats - very cool collection I now have to offer to the young musicleaders in Cabelo Seco!  and also our young leaders spent an hour recording a song as a gift to send out with us ...... very cool collection of stuff!



Hey Pete, I hope you have a fabulous trip filled with new stories, adventures and experiences to share with us all! Safe trip.

25/04/2013 15:11:00 by Sarah Allison

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