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Seven New Rights

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 1 March 2017
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Tonight my great West End Chorus worked hard on their words and their singing. The story of this piece is beginning to be told and the story is strong. I am so happy to be making this piece happen now - at this time. 

20 years ago Adrian wrote this to close the piece - we never turned it into music. Here are his extra new seven rights


Those were the thirty human rights
Out of reach of most of mankind
Here are seven more possible rights
To set running through your mind
We demand our rights
We demand our right to live
Free as air     Free as air

I claim the right not to carry a gun
I claim the right not to kill anyone
I won't kill whatever the cause
I've seen enough of their cruel wars

Let's eat and drink without fear
Of poisons or bacteria
And breathe an air free from the smoke
And yellow fumes that make us choke

For those in daily fear we seek
Protection from the poor and weak
From those who practise cruelty
At work or in the family

All living things we will respect
And when itís necessary to protect
All creatures in their sweet diversity
Will live with us in harmony

I claim the right to bear a child
I claim the right not to bear a child

I claim the right to choose to die
Painlessly and peacefully

In this world of nervous billionaires
And ragged arsed kids who poverty tears
The wealth of this bountiful planet of ours
Must be divided into fair shares

Adrian Mitchell 1998


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