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What's he talking about?

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 30 March 2016
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"There was a young boy who switched on a switch
It made him twitch, to switch on a switch
He needed the switch, to turn on the light
Oh how good to banish the night
Such a delight"

The 3 days at West End Primary start with this tongue twister of a poem. The focus this time is ENERGY with Year 5, Europe and Food with Year 4 and Transport with Year 3.
As I walk in and sign in at reception I promise the people in the office to make them a song while I'm here (see Staff Team).
I start by working with good friend Simon Jobling, now the deputy head and also class teacher for Year 5. Very excited to be in his class and the children are a great bunch. Within 30 minutes we have an acrostic lyric with a melody created from random numbers and then I start with small groups. The way songs spark out of a nowhere fascinates me - I wait for a phrase in the conversation and then it's like the ideas tumble and form into new shapes. We write

Energy : a flow of strange images in a catchy melody
Watch Out : why we need electricity in our lives and what might happen if it went
People Power : the people in our lives who help the power get around
Solar Beat : lets think about natural power sources
Nature War : how we make war on nature and how that comes back to bite us

Class 3 are fun and so full of ideas and Mrs Rutter draws this image to help us remember the lyrics to Flying Bikes. The other songs develop over the day

Flying Bikes
: a lovely circlar melody in praise of bikes
Cynthia : mad train of thought lyric takes us into community to find CAKE
Into the West End : why we need transport infrastructure to stay alive

And finally class 4 where again I work with groups always focussing on Food Miles and Europe (their current topic). The top hit is the song that we write after I have been trying to explain the project to them and they say 'What's he talking about ?'

What's he talking about : the song grows out of this idea as I try to get them to tell me
Let me Help : all the things that help a seed grow inspired by a great Adrian Mitchell poem for kids
Just for us : Silly travels of food from across the continent
Allotment : we hear about a granddads allotment in Halifax and looking at pictures develop a great picture of produce

3 days later we perform in front of the whole school!

Next term we will work on the songs some more, make a recording and then perform at the West End Festival on June 25th.