Describe your relationship to Art


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 23 March 2015
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"I want to do more"
"It's changed the way I relate to everything"
"Thatís the most thought provoking piece of art I've ever seen"

The kind of things we wish people said as a result of their engagement with our work.. but what is the work. So many possibilities and so many contexts from the businessmen who want to enhance their environment on the canal with some 'primary school children's art' to a totem pole that only achieved it's collaborative growth through an artists fierce challenges to staff, from a child who learnt how to use scissors by cutting paper on his own for a hour at a shadow play session to a choir leader breathing with a group of singers, from a show that moved me to a karaoke singalong.
We look for emotional reaction, engagement, commitment, eye contact, experiment and energy, trust, honesty, ownership and creative collaboration.
This group of artists and producers started talking about who judges quality, why we judge quality and how we judge quality.
Hand written comments
Doodles on paper
Terms like 'better than telly' and
Inclusive circle time chats
'One Note' sharing
Team conversations
And what if all they tell you is
What they think you want to hear
Have to go to the next level
Challenge expectations
Not good enough to accept
'It wasnít for me'.

And then how do people know that we have listened to them? 
(Rural touring example - do we label the next show in ... Village hall to be subtitled , 'We have programmed this dance piece because Betty H requested it'

And we talked about TIME, in all of it's aspects.
Running out because we cram too much in
Feeding quality because the reflection feeds back in over the long term
Allowing real connection, real thinking and challenge

Thankyou Kerris, Sue, Rebecca, Sue, Lindsay, Sophie, Laurie, Rianon and Jack