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8 : Bring me ....

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 22 March 2015
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"Bring me Sunshine" and the people stay at home with their kids!

However Janet, Kevin and me sit and talk and more learning and reflection is gathered.

In the new community café in Regents Park in the poor poor West End of Morecambe, Kevin is building a new point of energy for the community with a long term vision that links clearly to More Music's goals and aspirations.

Janet comes from theatre, arts development and media and now lives on Sandylands Prom and is beginning to engage with the locality. 
We define art, gain some understanding of what we mean by participation and then talk about 3 instances in our 3 lives.

As arts officer working with the regen agencies set up a half million pound Creative Industry Centre. The 'intention' is not shared, the building is not fit for the artists who want to use it. There is no sharing of vision and it fails  (in a sense)

In 1983, a 3 month community film project - KING REAL - has brilliant artistic values, terrible cold spaces to work in, a great vision, quality arts leaders and many different outputs (including 20 and 30 year get togethers). The product - a film -  however, is not good enough quality to get onto Channel 4 as promised because of unprofessional filming.

A training day to learn about ways for SSE's (small social enterprises) contained a 2hour session about up-cycling furniture. It is has a good leader, lots of resources, a clear context an the sharing at the end celebrates the effort and creativity of the participants.