A seaside tale


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 16 March 2015
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How do we define participation ?
It isn't sitting at home watching TV, or sitting in the cinema watching a film
It could be at the theatre for a pantomime  "it's behind you"
Or maybe at a ceilidh where the caller and the band have you up on the floor
Or at a festival where Elbow get you singing along to their hits..

We thought though most likely it was about
A wider audience.

Then we talked about recruitment
How do we get people in?
Being honest, paint the picture and linking it to what people want 
Inspiring them to come along

And then about TRUST.. which it seems is at the heart of the issue and related to everything to do with quality in participation
Trust is built through listening to what is happening
Trust is built through delivering what you committed to do
It proves that you can keep your promise and helps people contribute
And that brings them back

Lee told us about a great sounding project at a primary school developing music for a silent movie score that was helping children learn about the history of Morecambe. What made it quality ?
A new concept that they could do, allowing them to be silly, make noise and have fun. It was 'overplanned' allowing the artist the space for the 'curveball' and was based on research into local historical films and thinking about the sounds of the seaside.
Finally it was 'framed' by the artist, enhancing and editing the recording and redubbing it before sharing it at an assembly.

Charlotte told us about a set of Manchester sessions with GMMAZ where young people were able to share their stories and take them into song over a number of weeks that then ended in a recording. We talked PROCESS and PRODUCT and VALIDATION - and agreed an overall truth that in song sessions we ask people to focus on 'your own truth'
Share the detail, write a song about your lovers shoes, the leather jacket he wore last week, the smell of her bedroom, the meal you ate a year ago when you both agreed.......