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10 : In Conversation

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 23 March 2015
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Feisty final conversation with a dynamic group of people in the 'In Situ' space at Brierfield Library in East Lancashire. Gathered by Paul Hartley and including a range of producers, artists, interns and - people.
We start by sharing recent experiences and bring up another great list of aspects of quality in participation and then get caught in trying to define participation.

(do this to a beat)

Is it listening to a song in your bedroom 
That confirms your political and cultural identity
Is it a connected conversation with a person 
who's buying an artwork over several weeks
Is it walking through a gallery 
Crying at a film, 
Listening and dancing
Looking and buying
Does it have to have
Creative contribution
Shared social experience with the
"Hardly reached" not the
"Hard to Reach"
Do we search for
Places of no control
Creative interaction
Unusual points of exchange and
"when is the beginning".

I think you had to be there to understand that 
Train of thought and that took in the 
"Slow burn guerrilla" movement of Ground Up, In Situ and the 
Anfield Bakery.

We search for a place which starts with not knowing and a blank canvass, moves from slow to fast and slow again, where idea's flow and coming together in a finding of new places to collaborate.. as I said
You had to be there.

The role of the Artist going into the unknown with
Curiosity and the
Ability to articulate

And where do we work?
Not in the expected places, please