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8 of us at the Whaletail Café in Lancaster. Old friends and work friends.
Rachel, Ben, Steve, Anni, Ash, Rick, Nicky and me
We know each other and share these stories

Remember Alan
Came to Baybeat streetband sessions with his son
Walked alongside
Then started drumming too
Became obsessed and joined masterclasses with Dudu in Manchester
Set up the Bay Batucada on his own
Didn't need us anymore
Moved down south and kept it going
Participant no longer needing a leader - that's quality

Remember Luke
At West End Primary
His mum said can you give him something new to play 
He took to the snare
And joined the Baybeat streetband
15 years later, he leads the band on occasions
Has been a trainee for years and now is steady
Knows the stuff and plays it with joy
Participant becomes a leader - that's quality

The Capricorn singers on a walk in the dark
With torches - writing songs about the 
Walkways of Wyre
One of them a round with a great tune
Learnt the technique at a training event
Key words : Deep end : Training : Fun

Rainy night in Brierfield
3 leaders and 6 young Asian girls
They became the experts - shared their songs
We found the similarities with our music
First song I've ever made in Urdu
Key words : Parallel : multiple leaders : language

L&M FE students from the ASPIRE course
At the hothouse
Writing songs
4 of them, 2 of us
Key words : focus : numbers : bespoke

Teachers INSET at Borwick
Music in the Outdoor world
For early years and foundation
Took Chinese drums and Samba kit
Used my tricks
Key words : experience : experience : experience

A SEND school is Osthwaldwhistle
Can't take someone else's model 
Though that had been the plan
Making new songs
Key words : tool box : preparation : enthusiasm

If it's original it can't be wrong
If it's original there is ownership
If it's original we're inventing new worlds
If it's original it's easy to start

How can we judge quality?
So many matrices
The moment
The moment in a longer process
The engagement
The planning
The leadership
The change
The shared experience where everyone is in it together - taking the risk

 If you have a substructure and deep experience you can let the room dictate the process ? "Shared Invention" training says - don't plan - follow the energy of the room. Can we do that ?

We like working in a team
Planning and thinking and reflecting together
I like working on my own
Planning and improvising on my own
I work on my own and want to work in a team
Be able to see what's happening behind my back

And then Frames 
The tricks we have to make a good participant idea sound marvellous
They draw attention to the idea and give it a context within which to shine
They can be a black pen, a loop machine, a spoken introduction
A light, a call and response moment, a shouted break
We like them - and will think more about this aspect of Quality