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Eight 'haikus'

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 1 March 2014
Tagged with: Frontierland

Last night I has the immense privilege to be part of Frontierland. Many levels of pride, excitement and joy which I will try and share as a set of small 'haikus'
Baybeat Streetband grooves in the square
Dancing people of all ages
Full of Joy, energy and great spirit

Coach from the West End arrives
A new audience to witnesses
20th Year celebration of art and community 

I sing my songs from the edge
Bringing three great poets to the room
Boris, Adrian, Lemn - my friends

Piano fingers are working 
Tunes and solos play around
Cello and conga patterns

People arrive from other rooms
Where Inspirational music
and great connections have been made

The orchestra gathers in force
Levels of excitement grow
Lights and haze shimmer

I laugh, dance and invite 
My amazing group of friends
To play and with truthful energy

We finish, the audience stands
They understood what we were saying
They are with us at the Frontier