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and the band played on

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 19 February 2017
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and what a band they are!  

I spent the day today rehearsing for the show and the music is cooking ! Rhythm section finding the grooves, the stops and changes, Dave Nelsons piano solos rocketing round the room, Peadars sax, flute and clarinet lines intersecting with the tunes and the singers delivering their melodies and words with passion. Thank you Tyndale and Emma.
The choir have developed a sound and a volume and know their music and in the afternoon we were joined by the Start Again horn section and childrens singers.


This music works and the band is working hard. 

Book your tickets now!

These are the rights of everyone
Which are broken in every country in the world
But we celebrate them, we celebrate them
We affirm them, we reaffirm them
And fling them in the faces
Of the torturers and murderers
Who rule so many lands.... 
Who rule so many lands....