Dream if you can


Posted in: by Pete Moser on 9 February 2017
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"Dream about flying
Dream about freedom
And on these dreams we will build ourselves
A flying island of freedom
Flying is freedom
Freedom is flying
And on these dreams we will build ourselves
A flying island of freedom"

In Start Again, Adrian decided to do two things. One was to reflect on the seven ages of man and woman with personal and global stories and the other was to declare ALL of the 30 rights and to stress the vital importance of working together as a community and as a world population.
As I read the headlines from yesterday when the Dubbs amendment was thrown out and refugee children are left to wander Europe with no offer of a safe haven the luxury of dreaming and 'flying' seems a distant hope for them. How cruel and unthinking can we be as a society - on one level.
On another level, here in Lancaster there are now 107 refugees living in safe houses looked after by volunteers from LMARS (Lancaster and Morecambe Volunteer Refugee Service) and City of Sanctuary. They are given a small amount of money and rent and services and are all hoping to get permission to remain in the UK.
We have been running a music group on a Monday with people from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Sudan, Albania, Kuwait, Nigeria and Uganda. It is a lovely session of discovery and storytelling and we hope to perform each night after the SATRT AGAIN show.
Adrian would have been very happy!

I will share some of the music in future posts.