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Creative Collaboration

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 27 February 2017
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What happened tonight at the Hothouse was beautiful. 14 people from our refugee music group came down to prepare for their support set at the weekend and our youth vocal ensemble were rehearsing next door.
At 7.45 we invited them in to sing to us - they did their version of Beat It with beatboxing and vocal harmonies - and they invited us to sing back to them which we did with an Iranian song about coffee. 
And then together we sang One Love with a new lyric that the group wrote a few weeks ago

One Love! One Heart!
Let's get together and feel all right

Same sky       different houses down the street
Same sky       different minds I meet
Same eyes      look out for me each day
Same eyes      as precious as gold
Same mouth   different languages
Same mouth   different smile meets my smile

35 people in the room from Poland, Iran, North Sudan, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Morecambe and we sang and made music.
and as Adrian wrote in START AGAIN

We all have the right to play a part in every form of art
We all have the right to share the abundance
Created by technology and science

All have the right to a peaceful society
In which these rights flower freely
And so we respect the freedoms of others
And the rights of all our sisters and brothers

No state no group no person is going to take these things away
These are the rights and freedoms we celebrate today

Come and celebrate with us this weekend.

It's time to START AGAIN.