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The neighbourhood party

Posted in: Frontierland by Leo Burtin on 3 February 2014
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A long drive out of the Eurotunnel, from Folkestone all the way up North, to the seaside for fish & chips and a pint at the Palatine, before heading to bed at the Craigwell. 

That was what my very first day back in the UK for a while, and my very first time in Lancashire was like…

If you’d told me then that I would rather call this corner of the country home rather than go back to Paris, I might have said "We’ll see about that…” with a slight hint of sarcasm in my voice…

And if you’d told me that I would grow a career in the arts here, that I would meet the right people, at the right time… that people would take the time to hold my hand so I’d feel safe taking the risks I need to nurture my artistic practice… then, well, you know exactly what I would have said to that, don’t you? 

First there was an invitation from Ben McCabe to join a group who would talk about music and put on some gigs up here at the Hothouse, then there was Glorious, with Rajni Shah and its tea-filled afternoons and meeting strangers at Morecambe Library (and getting lost with Sheila, and the late autumn seaside wind, and the Old Pier Bookshop’s Little book of weather), and of course, this past summer’s astonishing Sea Breeze

Needless to say, than when Pete Moser asked me to come aboard the Frontierland ship, it felt right, it felt relevant, it felt exciting… 

A few months later, and we very nearly have a show.

We will be sharing it with you on 28th February and 1st March at Live At LICA’s Nuffield Theatre.

We’d love it if you could come. There will be music, lots of it… jazz and rock, and pop and folk and chinese tunes and choirs and some all time favourites…

We might even treat you to a few hard boiled sweets, Chinese tea or our favourite ale… 

I won’t tell you much more just yet, but if you check back here, every now and then, I’ll be telling you the story of how we put on the best neighbourhood party in at least 20 years!

Leo Burtin, Freelance Creative Producer & Artist