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So Difficult

Posted in: Frontierland by Matt Robinson on 22 February 2014
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Seven? years ago More Music produced The Long Walk. A huge, mass community, musical response to the Morecambe Bay Tragedy of 2004. It worked with hundreds of people in Morecambe, Liverpool, Gateshead, Hong Kong and beyond over many years and was hugely defining and awesome.

When we played Snake Music with Yin Ng or when we created Sigh of the Sea - both revisiting some of the music from TLW - it seemed like only yesterday that we were learning the tunes for the first time in the small yellow Hothouse. TLW was so big it almost defined More Music. It was shocking, for me then, to find out that maybe 90% of the community participants that come to More Music now have no experience or no recognition of it at all.

When Frontierland was proposed then it felt like it had to happen. We work with so many people at More Music but so rarely do we get chance to bring the entire community together and building communities is at the heart of every little thing that we do. Things like this provide a focal point, a talking point, a "do you remember when we did that thing? Wasn't it amazing/brilliant/utterly stupid?" Even if it isn't on the scale of TLW (and very little is - it's still massive and overly ambitious though), it brings people together in a joint production between all the projects to create something that is uniquely More Music - this show couldn't be done by any other company.

It's a celebration of the 20 years of More Music with the people who make it. From participants that have been here from day 1 to those that started last week - to music leaders who have grown through the organisation - to new associate artists working with us for the first time.

It's a festival in miniature with multiple stages, multiple journeys, thousands of sounds and ideas.

It's a moment of reflection

It's going to be astonishing (it really is)

We go into the first full band rehearsal tomorrow with over 100 musicians

We start physically building next week

We get out first cue on Friday evening


Be there

Tickets are here