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Long Walk to the Frontierland

Posted in: Frontierland by Eric Ng on 24 February 2014
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Today was a big day! It was the big rehearsal session with all teams of Frontierland. Look at all that...imageimageimageimageimageimageimageJust with the amount of instruments and musicians, I was already so thrilled.

I mean, how often could we see dozens of people, coming together from literally all sorts of background, to collaboratively play together diverse yet fitting music, featuring various genres and styles in the same piece? And the music was just brilliant!!

This is indeed very significant for myself. I got to meet Pete the first time back in 2008 in Hong Kong when I first tasted community music - the joy of making/creating music without the pressure of being super skillful before hitting the first note. Liberating enough, it also opened my new eyes of seeing how making good music that means to the creator and others, can be so very accessible and enjoyable indeed.

From the Long Walk in 2009 in Hong Kong, IDEA in 2010 in Brazil, HK Tales in 2012 to Confluence of Rivers in 2013, Pete and my organisation in Hong Kong put up work together about Morecambe Bay and its tragedy, various communities in Hong Kong and the city, five major rivers in the world and their society, and a lot more.

It's been my honour to have met Pete, Kathryn and others at More Music, to learn from their passion in promoting community music to change people's life. These all contributed largely to where I'm at now, on the cultural leadership training in the UK, changing my life and my future.

In today's rehearsal, I was welcomed by lots of smiling faces, whom I believe share the different but same experience - we're connected even before we actually meet. And this is why we want to make the show - we love to share with the audience our interlinked life stories through quality music, fun and joy.

We make sure the whole experience is not only a concert - audience will be able to feel the music and the stories through a journey of senses - the sound, the sight, the taste, the touch and the smell.

Do get tickets, for this coming Friday and Saturday at Live at LICA of Lancaster University, to see how More Music has changed the lives of the 100+ performers and beyond, and probably yours.

Caution: Your new eyes will be opened!! 


Eric Ng

International Development Coordinator

Centre for Community Cultural Development, Hong Kong 

2013/14 Hong Kong Scholar on Clore Leadership Programme