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Act 2 comes together

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 23 February 2014
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So we made the Act Two piece today. 

25 minutes of powerful grooves, simple arrangements and improvisation. Everyone finding their own place in a set of linking songs and tunes.This is what I do ! Listen, arrange on the spot, focus energy and PLAY.

70 musicians in the room and the sound was awesome and will only get better as we rehearse and then perform.We are telling a story - it is a sad story, an angry story, a truthful story about work, inspired as a response to tragedy 10 years ago this month in the grey cold night of Morecambe Bay.

And then it turns into a celebration of our community, of the people who play with us at More Music.We have gathered a great crew of people to tell it with us and as we play each section is led by one of our team - Matt with the horns, Ben the drummers, Ash with a electronic sound, Anni and Eric with the singers and a huddle of guitarists holding the groove with ace drummer Joel Shooter.

Off in the corner the East Street Gamelan is played by amongst others Leo Nolan who was part of the project in the early 90's. Metal and scrap collected from across Lancashire turned into experimental sound . 

Throughout the rehearsal I sang, taking the part of Seaming To, our guest solo vocalist. On Friday last week I went to London to rehearse with her. She is a great singer and was part of the whole LONG WALK project as it grew city by city. Her voice carried us from gig to gig as she became one of the spirits of the show.

Now she returns and you can hear her next week - at Live at LICA.


This is what Ash says
Hello all from the stages team!  

The live and loud stage is all go.

We have acoustic lovelyness coming together and topped off with some hiphop performances and funkalicious band. 

Its been great to forget about genres and have a night based on musicians celebrating what they love doing.

Playing music! 

Expect a rock club vibe on the night. There's something for everyone so bring your dancing shoes!