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19 days to go

Posted in: Frontierland by Pete Moser on 9 February 2014
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19 days to go and I am getting excited. 

Each week we move a step closer to defining the details of the show and really hearing it all. In my set for Act One the six songs take me on a journey of 20 years of songwriting with some inspiring creative people. 

They include local songwriter and singer Geoff Dixon who shared years of musicmaking at More Music with me and created so many great songs and tunes. 

Boris Howarth, a poet and theatre maker, stone carver and performer with whom I wrote Flights of Passage : 14 songs that tell the story of birds arriving in the Bay and leaving at the end of the summer.  

We'll be singing songs that celebrate Human Rights written with the late great Adrian Mitchell - a friend and collaborator for so many years who taught me about politics, words and rhymes. 

Finally Lemn Sissay - we wrote the Anthem for Preston Guild celebrating Civic Pride and Honour and created the world of The Long Walk - structures, poems and starting points for individual creation. 

The joy of 20 years of music making here in Morecambe for me has been the variety and brilliance of the artists that we have managed to bring to work with communities in the district and across the county.

The results of that will come out on stage in 19 days