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Posted in: by Pete Moser on 25 January 2016
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The start of a new project with a fascinating set of discussions about how we live in our community - how we connect to the world in so many strange ways. So many life lines. and so much closer to our local consciousness after the floods an the lack of electricity just 6 weeks ago. Commissioned by climate change pioneers Tipping Point - - this is part of an iBuild research programme being developed across three HE institutions. 

The gas for my oven comes from Russia - or it could do. The food I eat is not local. The water in my swimming pool comes from where? How? and how can I improve my negative imprint on the world. 

If we do our work well working in the West End community we will raise awareness of our dependance on others, on how we draw on the worlds resources and how we will change that for a greener and more sustainable future. We'll do it by turning conversations into drawings, research into songs,  questions into photographs and by walking the streets and listening to what we see. 

my life in a
locally connected
community of
the world 

I'm reminded of the song by Flanders and Swann - The Gas Man Cometh -   and start thinking about the songs I will create with young people in two residencies in the 2 local primaries in March. 

The artists I have drawn to this interesting project are Lizzie Coombes, Kate Madison, Andy Plant, Sue Flowers and Johnny Bean. You can find out about them over the next few months on these pages. Watch out for iMAP.