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Blue Gold

Posted in: by Pete Moser on 27 January 2016
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In search of Blue Gold - Sue Flowers 2016

IMAP  Day 1
Exploring the West End of Morecambe - 5 secret places.





We daily ignore these markings in the landscape. They are underfoot, with the dirt and the unwanted, the discarded - objects carelessly tossed to one side, no longer needed.

But what are they? What do they really mean and reveal?
Are they places where we can turn things on, turn things off, inspect, provide resources or dispel our waste? 
Where do they lead to?
Where do they go?
What happens if they don't work? Or become too full or even obsolete? 

Our world has hidden worlds and we are going to delve into some obvious spaces underfoot small spaces with BIG realities which actually remain great secrets to most of us... If we don't seek the truth how can we imagine the impossible.

Where do we find the blue gold?