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My Sky Ride

There it is: a ropeway that stretched out the park and over Marine Road to a tower on the promenade and back. Fixed seat cableway using two bull wheels with two intermediate towers. There it is: that blog picture separated from my memory. I didn't go for the ride. I came to Morecambe too late. I ...

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Moving Around

Well here we go, just a couple of days until lift-off, and the nearer it gets the easier it gets to imagine. A Sunday afternoon sat watching and listening to Pete and the musicians put together Act 2 has left me excited for Friday night. I don't know why I was surprised by how good it sounded, whe...

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Long Walk to the Frontierland

Today was a big day! It was the big rehearsal session with all teams of Frontierland. Look at all that...Just with the amount of instruments and musicians, I was already so thrilled. I mean, how often could we see dozens of people, coming together from literally all sorts of background, to collab...

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So Difficult

Seven? years ago More Music produced The Long Walk. A huge, mass community, musical response to the Morecambe Bay Tragedy of 2004. It worked with hundreds of people in Morecambe, Liverpool, Gateshead, Hong Kong and beyond over many years and was hugely defining and awesome. When we...

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One week to go

In just a week, short of a few hours, the first few audience members will be arriving at Live At LICA… they’ll be greeted by a carnival band, and soon the ushers will be handing out stamps, wristbands, coloured tickets…   Ladies & Gentlemen, this way for the green route… the gre...

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Frontierland ticket/travel deal for West End residents

Residents of Morecambe’s West End are eligible for reduced rate £5 tickets (which includes bus travel from Morecambe to Lancaster University and back) for Frontierland, More Music’s celebratory show at the Nuffield Theatre on 28 February and 1 March. Frontierland is a celebration o...

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19 days to go

19 days to go and I am getting excited.  Each week we move a step closer to defining the details of the show and really hearing it all. In my set for Act One the six songs take me on a journey of 20 years of songwriting with some inspiring creative people.  They include local songwrite...

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The neighbourhood party

A long drive out of the Eurotunnel, from Folkestone all the way up North, to the seaside for fish & chips and a pint at the Palatine, before heading to bed at the Craigwell.  That was what my very first day back in the UK for a while, and my very first time in Lancashire was like… If ...

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