Paint pictures with lyrics

  • Ideal for: KS2 and up, 20 class size
  • Typical structure: Half or full-day workshops with mixed or established groups
As you might expect, these workshops are great for developing language, creativity and self-expression.  This can be done within or aligned with any thematic or curriculum area of your choice, and is a perfect way of generating a passion for words and sounds and the confidence to use them.

This can help to develop reading skills, including sensitivity to phonetics and an awareness of poetic devices such as metaphors and alliteration.  It will also help with written language, building vocabulary and improving spelling.  

When applied to thematic areas that cut across the curriculum, song writing is ideal for bringing history to life, describing people and places, telling stories and much more.

What's involved? 

Writing a song is a process that begins with knowing yourself and how you feel and challenges you to out your message into precise words, using the linguistic building blocks and song-writing conventions to guide you.  The mental activity involved is complex and full of opportunities for learning of all kinds, but incredibly satisfying when everything falls into place.

Our workshops create safe places for young people to try out new ideas, encouraging listening, sharing and collaboration but also making time for individuals to work on their own songs.

What's more?

To engage KS2 boys or if your students are interested in creating raps, we can run Beatvox sessions which offer the same benefits, but with a focus on Hip Hop song writing and performance.  

Once they get to KS3+4 they might be interested in bringing their song writing to skills to Friday Night Project at the Hothouse, or Stages Open House if they prefer rock and indie music.

How do I book?

Call 01524 831997 or email