Singing & Choirs

Free your inner child

  • Ideal for: Children of all ages, groups of all sizes, all abilities
  • Typical structure: In class time or out of hours, regular sessions
These workshops are great for getting everyone in a class or in even bigger groups involved in a collaborative feel-good activity.  It’s ideal for developing literacy skills and is easily linked to any area of the curriculum. 

The benefits go beyond the curriculum too, developing group dynamics and individual confidence and communication skills.  And as if that wasn’t enough, there are lots of proven health benefits, not least helping to relax and exercise your lungs.

What's involved? 

It depends entirely on the make up of your group and what you want to achieve; we can work with you to identify how singing might be best used in your school.  For example, we have previously:
  • Provided singing lessons as part of the music curriculum
  • Created variety within the school schedule and enhanced the school’s offer
  • Run integrative activities between different classes and year groups
  • Set up school choirs and prepared them for assembly and public performances
The same goes for what you want to sing, as we have a huge repertoire and are always keen to add new songs to it.  So, whether you want to introduce standards and classics that have been sung for generations, or capitalise on your students’ interest in popular and contemporary music, we can help you to bring it life.

What's more?

If you are interested in introducing new cultures, have a look at our Chinese singing workshops.  Or if your students want to try something with a Hip Hop twist, maybe they’d enjoy Beatvox.

When your KS3-4 students begin looking for ways to develop their singing skills and experiences beyond the classroom, we have a number of participatory groups that might suit them, for example, Stages Open House, Friday Night Project and Morecambe Drama Company where they can sing along with musicians or learn to play by themselves.

Or if you’re a teacher and would like to develop your own singing skills, talk to us about our teacher training and singing development opportunities.

How do I book or enquire?

Call 01524 831997 or email