Sing the Docks

Singing celebration of the Preston Guild

Sing the Docks was a fantastic community singing event that took place at Preston Docks as part of the Preston Guild 2012 celebrations. These celebrations only happen every 20 years so this was a very special occasion featuring regional choirs and legendary Preston folk musicians. Hundreds of young singers from Preston's schools and communities came together to sing an original suite of songs, including a new anthem for the Guild created by Pete Moser and poet Lemn Sissay.

What's left?

A full songbook of the songs in the suite was produced for the event and a pdf version can be downloaded to your computer by clicking here. To hear the songs, visit the song files page.

And to get a sense of what the event was like, please enjoy this video.

What's more?

The Sing The Docks project is sadly finished now, but a lot was developed and learned in the process. To find out more, please call 01524 831997 and ask for Pete Moser or email