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Music is immersive; whether you're listening, watching or playing, you are part of it. Our regular classes and workshops are exactly the same, so why not try something new and see where it takes you?

Our experienced music leaders can help you to develop new skills, even if you've never played before. You will quickly learn essential techniques and build your confidence. After that, your level of participation is up to you; whether you want to play as a group, take a solo or perform in front of an audience as a member of one of our numerous bands.

What can I learn?

Anything you like! Maybe you want to learn a particular instrument - drums, bass, trombone - or maybe you want to learn to play in a particular genre or style - jazz, folk, or even music from China! Or just start with an open mind and see what takes your fancy; there are so many options you can start anywhere. Have a look at the links to the right to get you started.

What will it cost?

Many of our classes are free, but some have a small charge. This term we have introduced a new pricing structure for some of our classes which is £45 full term price or £5 weekly drop in. If you don't have your own instrument or equipment don't worry, we have plenty to go round.

Term Dates: 

Term starts on Monday 17 September for most sessions except:
Folk Group on Monday 3 September
On the Beat on Wednesday 5 September