Music with a Message

Making music with a global perspective

Music with a Message was a CPD weekend on 16th and 17th February 2013 aimed at musicians, teachers, youth workers, composers and anyone wanting to use music in their work.

What was involved?

The weekend covered:

  • Making songs – simple techniques for lyrics, melodies and accompaniment
  • Storytelling through music – traditional and modern contexts
  • Games and Grooves – how to make them relevant in your work

Working Global Link, the weekend also focussed on development themes such as Human Rights, Social Justice and Sustainable development.

Learning Resources

Music recorded over the weekend can be heard via the music player on the right.

PDF and Word documents can be downloaded below.

Arts and the Global Dimension presentation

Chajorije Shukarije

Fatise Kolo

MWAM Memory

Plovi Barka

SEAL and the Global Dimension