Lantern Making

Brighten up the cold streets

  • Ideal for: All ages, all abilities 
  • Typical structure: A day of workshops with several classes or mixed class groups

If you are based in the Morecambe area your school may already have taken part in our annual Lantern Festival, held every December.  You may have seen local residents brave the cold and join in the street parade with huge lanterns held from canes above their heads.

These workshops are designed for schools and children who want to take part in the procession and enjoy making some ecological visual art in the process.  We will work with your students to build a class lantern out of willow branches, tissue paper and glue, or you can make an individual or group lantern.  Each lantern will be completely unique; the result of your group’s collective creative expression.

What's involved? 

The workshops will be run in the winter term, in the weeks leading up to the Lantern Festival.  This year’s festival will take place on Wednesday 11th December, from 6pm.  

The sessions are pitched according to your students’ age group but involve fun, games, singing and lots of opportunities for learning input according to your needs.

What's more?

Find out more about how your school can take part in the Lantern Festival.

How do I book?

Call 01524 831997 or email