Events List

Forthcoming events at the Hothouse

Sing, rap, Beatbox, Write, Record, Perform!


Learn to sing a variety of popular and easily sung songs


A folk class for 13+ to learn music and dance


An opportunity to join the Baybeat Carnival Band


A session for early years learners and their parents or carers


A singing session for 6 to 12 year olds, improve your voice and sing as a group


Get involved in the organisation and running of gigs and events at More Music and gain qualifications at the same time


An interactive session for adults with special educational needs


A chance to learn new instruments and new cultural ideas


A session for those who want to rock


A session for Hip Hoppers and Beatboxers to refine their rhymes


An adult choir singing songs from all around the world


Come and join us and sing!


Hailed by critics as “genius” and his solo show as “an enchanting delight.”

(£7 concessions)

“captivating arrangements and elegiac charm” London Evening Standard ★★★★


Together, we gather to make and eat The Midnight Soup. Together, we gather to listen to a story, and to share our own.


Robyn Hitchcock blends folk and psychedelia with a wry British nihilism.


"Barely of this world." - DIY Magazine

(£8 concessions)

Kites, live music and family entertainment


Celebrate our local community