Creative Composition

Free style music making

  • Ideal for: Children of all ages, groups of all sizes, all abilities
  • Typical structure: Half or full-day workshops with mixed or established groups or over a limited period of time.
These workshops are all about freedom of expression and creativity.  We want to build on the existing skills and interests of your students to make a piece of original music and song that could only have come from them. 

This is ideal for bringing together groups of mixed ages and abilities, challenging those with singing and instrumental skills to develop in new ways, and giving those who’ve never done any music making before a chance to take part as equals alongside those who have.  This is a great way of building confidence, improving group dynamics and encouraging self-expression

What's involved? 

We don’t arrive with any preconceptions or agendas; we just work with the people in the room and where they are musically to create something new and unique that is about a particular subject.  Young people respond really well to the fact that all their contributions are valued, and the expected directions this can take the music in guarantees a fun journey for all involved.

What's more?

We’ve found that these sessions are so inspiring for the young people taking part that they have a hunger to keep on making music outside school hours.  Fortunately, we have weekly sessions after school and college for young people to take part in,  Stages Open House and Friday Night Project.

How do I book?

Call 01524 831997 or email