Chinese Music & Culture

New sounds new experiences

  • Ideal for: All key stages, all abilities, groups of up to 30
  • Typical format: An assembly performance followed by several hour-long workshops throughout the day, leading to a larger group performance later.

These workshops draw on our ever-strengthening relationship with the Chinese community in Morecambe and our development work in China. We have now developed our skills and contacts with Chinese musicians to be able to offer a fantastic set of workshops for schools around Chinese cultural themes. Our sessions present an immersive approach to introduce diversity and cultural awareness, and are very popular around the time of Chinese New Year, which is 5 February in 2019 and is the Year of the Pig. However we can deliver this at any time of the year.
Watch a video of More Music's Long Walk Chinese Ensemble performing below:

Depending on your preferences, we can offer the following varied selection of workshops:

  • Chinese Drumming – We have Chinese percussion instruments of all shapes and sizes, making this a great workshop for mixed age groups. It introduces students to a completely different set of rhythms, and is very effective when used for story telling – just as it has been for centuries!

  • Dragon Dancing – This is an amazing experience for little ones to watch, but for older groups (KS2 upwards due to the weight of the dragon), the students can play the different parts of the dragon - the head, body and tail - as well as representing other key elements of the Dragon Dance, for example, the pearl and the gong as they learn about the significance of the dragon in Chinese culture. Includes some Chinese drumming and story telling.

  • Chinese Music Making – These workshops are about trying out Chinese musical instruments, such as the Ruan (moon guitar) and Dizi (flute), as the ‘exotic’ sounds provide great stimuli for the imagination and discussions around cultural differences. This is ideal for students who already have some musical skills but if there are members of the class who don’t they can still take part as equals using our various Chinese percussion instruments.

  • Chinese Singing – Another inclusive session that requires no existing music skills but is guaranteed to inspire. We introduce traditional and popular Chinese songs, such as love songs and lullabies, translate the lyrics so the students can understand a few Chinese words, work on areas of pronunciation and explore the differences between how Chinese and English songs are formed.

  • Chinese Dance – You can choose to focus on fan dancing or ribbon dancing, both of which are traditional Chinese art forms that your students may have seen in films or Chinese cultural events. Chinese dance is gentle and understated but offers a powerful way of telling stories and conveying feelings and emotions.

  • Chinese Art – There are several traditional art forms that you can explore through our Chinese Art workshops. These include calligraphy, teaching your students how to write their names in Chinese, and painting, for example freehand painting of flowers (known as the Four Gentlemen) and dragon painting, again exploring the significance of the dragon in Chinese Culture.

What's involved?

We can deliver according to a schedule that suits your school, whether it’s a one day workshop for lots of groups across the school, or a longer-term cross curricular or whole-school programme. We can even help you work towards whole school performances to really impress the parents!

The sessions aren't just great fun, there's a lot to be learned along the way, for example:

  • Physical musicality: Co-ordination and motor-skills
  • Group working: Collaboration, communication and team building
  • Music curriculum: New instruments, rhythms, themes
  • Other areas: Language and linguistic awareness, cultural awareness

What's more?

Many students are so fascinated by our Chinese workshops that they want to learn more, including taking up a Chinese musical instrument. We welcome new participants at our rehearsals for the Long Walk Chinese Orchestra who deliver performances around Chinese New Year and at other events.

How do I book?

Call 01524 831997 or email