Chinese Community Orchestra

Sounds from another continent

Whether its Chinese New Year or you just want to make a special occasion even more special, consider booking the Chinese Community Orchestra. Our standard ensemble format comprises a five-piece band featuring vocals, percussion, Ruan (moon guitar), Erhu (violin) and Dizi (flute).

Depending on your requirements and budget, smaller format performances are possible. Alternatively, if you are looking for a something even more impressive, we can perform with a full orchestra, including Fan Dancers and Dragons.

What's more?

If you play Chinese music or would like to give it a try, find out about joining the Long Walk Chinese Orchestra.

If you'd like to find out about bringing Chinese Music into your school or learning context, click here.

How do I book?

To find out more about availability and pricing, please call 01524 831997 and ask for Rick Middleton or email