Become A Band

Join together with the band

  • Ideal for: Secondary school pupils, but suited to other Key Stages, groups of 10-18 students
  • Typical format: Out of hours clubs – lunchtimes and after schools

A great place to launch the careers of all aspiring performing musicians, our Become a Band sessions are the perfect way to engage young people's passions and creativity. We've found that there are few things more rewarding for young people than performing their favourite songs with friends and expressing themselves in new ways.

Our skilled music leaders will make sure they develop all the essential skills that professional musicians use when exploring new ideas, and developing them into their own coherent musical compositions.  

We can take an organic approach to discovering what kind of music the group wants to play, or we can focus on specific genres if you already know their preferences, for example:

  • Rock & Indie - using guitars, drums, keyboards and brass instruments 
  • Hip Hop – using electronic instruments, beatboxing, drums and guitars
  • Samba – using Brazilian percussion (drums, shakers and rattles) and brass
  • Folk – using acoustic guitars, violins, percussion to play tunes suitable for a ceilidh
  • Jazz – using guitars, brass, percussion and piano
  • Choir – using just voices to create complex vocal melodies

Whichever you chose, performing in a band is a great way to channel passion and energy, develop a strong team spirit, learn to work as a group and communicate creative ideas.

What's involved? 

There’s no set structure as bands all have different dynamics driven by those involved.  However, we will ensure that students learn all the basic skills necessary to be a good team player and that they have lots to show for their efforts.  Because of the time taken to develop original material in a group setting, schools find it most effective to run band sessions after school throughout the year.

The sessions aren't just great fun, there's a lot to be learned along the way, for example:

  • Group work: Team building, negotiation, communication and listening skills
  • Musicality: New instruments, genre awareness, arrangements
  • Music curriculum: Original composition, improvisational skills, rock scales
  • Other areas: English (lyrics and song writing), rock history, designing artwork

What's more?

We've found an increasing number of young people who've started out making music through our band sessions have come along and joined in with our weekly Stages Open House and Friday Night Project sessions at the Hothouse.

Some have gone on to form bands that are now playing around the UK, including at our Stages Live events. Other young people have taken the initiative to channel their band work activity into our Arts Awards programmes.

How do I book?

Call 01524 831997 or email