Step up to the mic

  • Ideal for: Primary schools children, especially KS2, very popular with boys
  • Typical structure: Four-week programme of workshops

There’s no reason why Beatvox sessions can’t be for mixed gender groups – after all there are many great female beatboxing role-models out there – but the fact is that these workshops are a great way to overcome teenage boys’ frequent reluctance to get involved in singing and literacy work.   

This can include language areas like poetic devices, for example, metaphors and similes; linguistic concepts such as phonetics, fricatives and plosives; and oratory skills, like delivery and confidence.

It's also a good way to reinforce basic maths, as there's a strong focus on the measures and beats used in beatboxing. And of course there's plenty of room to practise through fun and games to keep everyone engaged. 

What's involved? 

Typically the four weeks are structured as follows:
  • Week 1 - Introduction to beatboxing (history, technology, etc), basic phonetics, games and activities
  • Week 2 - Intro to Hip Hop (values, aesthetics, etc), linguistic and literacy skills development
  • Week 3 - Progression, advanced beatboxing, lyric writing, write a rap
  • Week 4 - Class performance skills, developing performance style, introduction to using a microphone

What's it like? 

  • "Fridays are going to be so boring without our Beatvox sessions"
  • "I just want it to continue."
  • "I've seen a real reversal in the quieter and louder students behaviour as it's brought the quieter ones out of themselves and helped to channel the energies of the more confident ones into their performance."

What's more?

If your students can't get enough beatboxing and Hip Hop, perhaps they'd be interested in our regular Friday Night Project sessions at the Hothouse where they can learn from and perform alongside their peers from 11 to 18.

How do I book?

Call 01524 831997 or email