Baybeat Streetband

Brazilian carnival on your doorstep

Baybeat is More Music’s longest running project playing since 1993. We have performed in all shapes and sizes across the region entertaining crowds at a vast number of parades and festivals creating a carnival atmosphere wherever we go. We use a range of brass and percussion instruments to play Samba music and infectious other Latin American beats and rhythms.

What's more?

If you're interested in joining in with Baybeat Streetband performances at our festivals and other events around the UK, please check out our Baybeat page for more information on when we are rehearsing.

Also, if you'd like bring Samba music and percussion into your school or learning context, have a look at our Percussion and Drumming page.

How do I book?

To find out more about booking the Baybeat Streetband for your event, please call 01524 831997 and ask for Matt Robinson, or email