24 Hours in a Tower

The view from the top

24 Hours in a Tower began life as a commission by Lancaster University's Live at LICA programme and involved Pete Moser spending 24 hours at the top of Bowland Tower on the University campus writing songs and broadcasting them live online. The challenge was to create and perform one original song every hour've guessed it...24 hours. Drawing on inspiration from texts, emails and the fantastic view from the window, Pete successfully achieved this ambitious target, attracting curious viewers from all around the world.

24 Hours in a Tower - Hong Kong, 2012

The experiment was repeated in Hong Kong in 2012 - here's the first song from Hong Kong - you can find the other 23 on YouTube!

What's more?

Watch our for more 24 Hours in a Tower experiments coming up, in Northern Ireland in 2013 and in Brazil in 2014.